I’ve been working with women for over 20 years, and have assisted many to heal from past hurts, come out of hiding, deepen their connection with source and with the natural world, and find their place of belonging and service.

I am passionate about assisting women to step forward in their radiance, and take their place in the world.  I believe that as women rise up full and whole and step forward from this place, then the whole world shifts. And the earth itself, as our relationship with the earth is intrinsically linked to our relationship with the feminine.

Having a background in energy work, breath-work, adult education and wilderness guiding, I now bring all of this together in my work with women.

I have a deep love of wild places, and worked for years as a wilderness guide. These wild places of earth reflect the wild spaces in each woman’s heart, where her unique wisdom awakens to guide and nourish her own life.  That awakening is my joy.