I’ve been in Ireland now for two weeks, although it feels much longer. I’ve spent time visiting some of the sacred hills of Ireland, and ancient sites.

The Moynalty Yoga and Healing Festival took place on a weekend of sunny skies and warm days. There were a lot of pink faces and shoulders by the Sunday evening.

it was a joy to work with people so open-hearted and curious in my Wild Heart Alchemy workshop.

The people here have been so kind and welcoming.  I’ve been traveling, sharing the alchymeic work, listening to music and visiting the sacred sites along the way.

After the nurturing energy of Co. Meath, the land of Donegal was something else! I went to the sacred Tory Island, met some of the locals and walked the cliffs.

Then to the mainland of Donegal, near the Glenveigh National Park. I can’t fully explain my experiences here. The land is powerful here and I found myself staying far longer than planned. I’m glad to have found this place and the people here.

This is the view from near where I was staying. I feel my circuits being rewired with the power of this place.

This journey has been a journey of trust, of friendship, and of truly experiencing the gifts of hospitality and shared blessings.  It has been abundant beyond any expectation.

Update on working with me

While in theory, I am available for online sessions, the reality has been a bit different, due to inconsistent internet connection and the joys of travelling. However, if you would like to work with me, or need a refresher session, please do contact me.  I’ll be in Luxembourg soon, and so may have the opportunity then.

I appreciate you sharing
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