Are you a passionate, spirited woman at heart, who has trouble remembering that at times?

You care deeply about the earth,  your communities and your loved ones, but you may wonder where you are in the middle of all this. You have visions, ideas, insights, but you may feel blocked from the actual creation.  Perhaps it is doubt or fear that holds you back. It’s no fun second-guessing yourself all the time.

You long to get that spark back, to recover some of that energy you once had, and to find that spark and joy again in life, where magic and mystery exist along-side your every day life.


You also long to share this with kindred spirits

A sisterhood where you can share deeply and truly. Where you can heard, and felt and where you can witness others in their journey.

Where we tell our stories and heal together. Where we awaken to the mystery and to our deep knowing.

So often we as women live in cultures not aligned with our feminine wisdom and ways of knowing. The adoration of logic and intellect over embodied wisdom and knowing, and formal education over deep instinctual knowing, can leave us feeling disjointed and out of place.

To truly step forward in our full power and creativity as women, we need to reclaim and listen to our embodied wisdom and ways of being.

The Wild Heart Women’s Circle is an invitation to:

– Connect with and listen to your own embodied wisdom and knowing.

– Unravel from old habits and align with your deeper wisdom and true self.

– Connect with the earth and the natural world and awaken the wild soul within.

The circle includes an inner journey to connect with your own wise woman and the wisdom of the earth, energy work and sharing.

Something amazing can happen when women come together in sacred space, to share and journey together.

Cradle forest

In the Wild Heart Women’s Circle 

The central part of the  circle is the inner journey you go on to connect with the wild landscapes and meet your wise woman.  All this is held and supported by energy work throughout.  The power is in the connecting with your own wisdom and bringing that back to the circle.

These will be small groups, with a maximum of 8 people per circle.  You are invited to share your journeys, but it is important to know that you only ever need to share what you want to. Part of reclaiming our fullness is knowing and trusting when we want to share and we we don’t.  There is power in silence too.

Having said that, these groups are held in a very safe space, with an agreement to honor and hold the confidentiality of what happens in this space.

Will you be doing another circle soon?

If you are interested in doing a circle or course, I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter below.  Feel free to contact me directly as well, with more details of what would suit you, or if you have a group of women interested.

How can Lure assist me through this circle?

I’ve been working with women for over 20 years, and have assisted many to heal from past hurts, come out of hiding, deepen their connection with source and with the natural world, and find their place of belonging and service.

I am passionate about assisting women to step forward in their radiance, and take their place in the world.  I believe that as women rise up full and whole and step forward from this place, then the whole world shifts. And the earth itself, as our relationship with the earth is intrinsically linked to our relationship with the feminine.

Having a background in energy work, breath-work, adult education and wilderness guiding, I now bring all of this together in my work with women.

I have a deep love of wild places, and worked for years as a wilderness guide. These wild places of earth reflect the wild spaces in each woman’s heart, where her unique wisdom awakens to guide and nourish her own life.  That awakening is my joy.

surise 33

What people are saying about working with Lure

I felt as though I was being anointed. A feeling of renewal, right through my bones. So beautiful. I felt reborn, as my true self. I feel so blessed.

Elizabeth, Intuitive Body Worker, Restore and Renew

I feel so focused on my forward movement and excited about where I can take my artwork into the world to share it in a way that is transformative, healing and inspirational and opening to love and enlightenment.

You have helped me so much to get back on track with my true goals and to most importantly be in touch with my heart and coming from my heart in the way I do business and create art. I am truly grateful to you for the work we have entered into together. The creating of business connected with the divine is a paradigm that is rare in my world of art and business so you hold the light for me each day through my meditations and assist in my clearing to bring my being to the divine through my heart.

Working one to one with you and having personal sessions and an individually created program tailored to my needs as they arise has been the greatest gift. The work you offer to the world is beyond anything that I have experienced in helping my heart to open to my true passion and follow the path of the work that I am here to create in the world. Awakening to the pure vision of who I am and how I can offer my work in the world is within my heart now and I look forward to continued guidance and work with your programs as I know that it is assisting me greatly to be ….all that I can be….

Rosanne Bender, Visionary Artist, Tasmania,  Shining Bright

My experience of Lure’s work was that I felt unconditionally loved, safe, and nurtured. I came away with a profound insight of the falseness of a long held belief which I could now easily let go of. It has shifted me into being more loving and real in my business which has resulted in greater ease in  my relationships with my clients and prospects, making me more able to help  them. I deeply appreciate the spiritual depth and purity of her work. I came away feeling truly blessed.

Rita Massey, Health Educator,  Hawaii, Shining Bright session


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