Restore and Renew Single Session

Sometimes you just need a space to let go and clear from all that is pressing on your heart. To be held in a safe place and be restored.

We allow 90 mins to have plenty of time to get to the core of the issue you are dealing with, to have the energy session and to speak together afterwards.

I felt as though I was being anointed. A feeling of renewal, right through my bones. So beautiful. I felt reborn, as my true self. I feel so blessed.

Elizabeth, Intuitive Body Worker, Restore and Renew

There are three stages to the sessions.

1. Clarifying the issue

These sessions begin with a period of talking together, to explore what is happening for you and to clarify the issue that you’d like to take into the session.

Many people report shifts already taking place during this part of the session.

2. The energy session

You need to have a quiet place where you can lie down and where you won’t be interrupted for this stage.

3. Reconnecting, integration and next steps

Afterwards, we reconnect via Skype to check-in, share insights and to explore the next steps for you to integrate your new state of being back into your daily life.

If you’d like to book in for a series of these, take a look at my customized programs.  Your theme for the series can be restore and renew and you save a bit.

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