Are you a woman longing to free your heart and share your gifts with the world?

You might know what it’s like to feel alive and free, but perhaps have lost some of that spark. There is so much in our lives that can leave us feeling held in, tamed and constrained, and sometimes just … exhausted.  It can be tough to be a women in our culture, where the feminine is not always honoured.

You may be experiencing stress, anxiety and overwhelm or those struggles stemming from difficult past experiences and relationships.  These things can wear us down and keep us just surviving.

There’s a great calling taking place 

So many of us are feeling the call to step forward and share our gifts for the restoration of the earth and each other.  This needs to go hand in hand with our restoration and re-connection – to love, to each other, and to this beautiful planet.

It’s time for us to rise

The way we rise amongst the challenges of this time is through healing, connecting, and by tapping into a deeper wisdom and source of renewal.  That way we can move forward from a place of wholeness, strength, love and power, as we share our message and our mission.

If you want to free your heart and step deeper into your power, your love, your purpose, and to share your message and your work, then you’ve landed in the right place.

I’m Lure and I work with women who want to free their hearts, embrace their gifts and step forward for what they love.




 I feel loved, beautiful, strong and powerful and I am now able to put myself out into the world with a head held high.

Holly Watson, Outdoor Instructor