For over 20 years, Lure has assisted many women to move from stress, overwhelm and lack of joy, to a life of peace, vitality and connection to love.

Lure’s training is in Breathwork and Group Facilitation, Energy Healing (Aura Balancing) and Light Circles, Yoga Teaching, Alchymeic Energy work, and Body Work.  She is also a qualified teacher and has taught in various communities across Australia, including in remote Aboriginal communities. She is passionate about the natural world and our place in it as caretakers and restorers.

It is Lure’s joy to see women thrive as they reconnect to their own wisdom and beauty. She sees this as a vital to the health of each of us, our communities, and  all of life.  It’s from this place that our work and our offerings of our gifts flourish.

She has a deep love of wild places, and worked for years as a wilderness guide. These wild places of earth reflect the wild spaces in each woman’s heart, where her unique wisdom awakens to guide and nourish her own life.  This awakening is Lure’s joy.

Lure lives in a small town by the ocean on the mid-north coast of New South Wales, Australia.