You haven’t heard from me for a little while, as I’ve been making my way to Sydney.  It’s such a strange time, that period between Christmas and New Year, here in Australia. There is a kind of pause between the old and the new year.

Some years ago, I visited Broome, a gorgeous beach town in the far north-west of Australia.  The tidal changes are enormous there. One day I walked out from Town beach, along the mud flats, when the tide was extra low. The flats seemed to go forever.

I walked out, and out, and out, following the receding tide.  There is a moment there, where the outgoing tide halts, and hasn’t yet turned to the incoming tide.

A moment of stillness; a pause.

Then the tide starts to come in, getting fuller and faster as the flow increases.   It can take some fast walking to get back to shore ahead of it.

My year so far has been like this tide. I am trusting this flow, just as I relaxed into the pause.

No plans, no projections.  Just being with what is at the start of the year, and feeling the flow start to come, as the year takes hold and my next steps are revealed.

I’ve been catching up with family and friends here. I’ve been swimming in the ocean.

I’ve been allowing my dreams and visions to emerge for this new place, with a gentle welcome, in their own time.

I’m in the right place. I’m ready.

How is your entry into this new year going?  Your next phase?   Please share with us below.

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