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I’ve started to write a number of times, but my words have simply fallen away. This seems to be a time of the sloughing away of old ways, at least for me.

So today, I’ll simply say hello  and give you an update you on some of what I’ve been doing over the past little while.

I’m now living at Valla Beach in New South Wales, in a beautiful little place near the ocean and among the trees.  It’s a gorgeous place to be.

I’ve been learning more about grief and ways of tending it. I enjoyed holding space for grief during the Climate heart Circles last year, and also felt the call to extend this.  I became aware of how our perceptions of grief can limit our healing, and of the impacts of suppressed grief on our lives.

Grief is part of life; we have losses every day, as parts of ourselves fall away and the new emerges. We have grief at what we didn’t receive, and for how we weren’t held, for those who have passed, and for unprocessed grief from our ancestors, just for a start. Francis Weller, in his beautiful book, The Wild Edge of Sorrow, names a number of these types of grief.

So I’m finding more words now for what I knew through my own life and work with others – that it is a doorway to more life, more vitality, and that it is ultimately about love.  

In related news, I’ve continued connecting with my ancestors, am part of the healing process for my lineages, and now receiving teachings on how to hold others in this way.

And mostly for now, I’m settling in to place here, getting to know the land, the trees and the huge power that is the ocean here. I hear it 24 hours a day; its roar accompanies my rest.

So that’s it for me for now.

I’d love to hear how you’re going with these changing times and what has been arising for you.  Are there hidden blessings amongst it all?  Have you or your loved ones been personally affected by the virus?  Please write and let me know, if that feels good for you.

Working with me
I’m available for individual sessions, on a sliding scale rate. I know that many have been impacted in so many ways, as well as the pre-C19 issues so many already experienced. Contact: lure@lurewishes.com or on +61 458 910 469

With love,

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