In these times of change and challenge, with a lot coming to the surface during the pandemic and around race and oppression, many are feeling stretched, tired, and overwhelmed. It’s a challenging time, and one in which I hold hope of bringing real change. With all the outward action, there is a simultaneous need to deepen into our practice, to double our self-care, to restore and replenish, and tend to those close.

This is not an indulgence. Change is happening now, and we need to find the resourcefulness and sustenance for the long haul.  Nourishing our hearts and bodies and tending to relationships in whatever ways we can is part of what’s essential in these times.

That’s why in the Circles of Belonging series starting on the 23rd June, we’ll be opening conversations about how those of us who are non-indigenous might come into right relationship with Indigenous people. At the same time, we’ll be connecting in to our sources of support, our wise and loving ancestors, to the land, the oceans, and the winds.

As we deepen our foundations, and come into more presence with what is, we can face uncomfortable truths in a way that can be generative and life-giving.

In this interview below, I speak with Kate Lawrence, an Ancestral Lineage Repair Practitioner and Spiritual Counsellor. We speak about ancestral re-connection, healing, belonging, and kindness. Please join us.  

Circles of Belonging

This series of circles begins on Jun 23rd. Please register by June 17th to ensure you receive the materials sent the week prior with some considerations and questions prior to our gatherings. There will be a maximum number of 10. There are currently some spaces left.

You can find out about the gatherings here:

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