I’m in Tasmania for a few weeks, breathing the crystal air, feeling into the expanse of the forests and mountains, spending time with friends.  My being opens when I am here. My lungs fill, and I am at ease.



It’s been an interesting time, living in Sydney for the past year, so close to the ocean and near a park, but with the vast cityscape between me and the mountains.  My sense of being changes.

I become aware of how my feeling sense sweeps out in Tasmania across the south-west, the mountains and trees and buttongrass plains.


In Sydney, on the other hand it’s … painful at times. As my feeling sense sweeps out I encounter instead the roar of the city, the density, a pressure across my heart.  I’ve learned to pull in, to treasure the small things.

I’m learning to listen more closely to the trees speaking to me. I meet individual trees in the park and get to know them more, like this grandmother tree below who is teaching me so much. I am a beginner again and discover whole new possibilities as I listen.

It’s a privilege is to spend time in these wild areas, something many have never experienced and possibly could not even imagine. It is a treasure indeed.

I wonder what it would take for us all to awaken to our place here? To discover our belonging as part of all of this, as part of life itself.


How might that change how we act, what we consume, how we spend our money and lives? How might it change how we are with each other and all other life forms?

I don’t fully know, but I would love to find out.

I am envisioning a world of belonging and care, for each of us and this planet. Where we open to the wisdom of trees, the water and all of life, and listen for what they have to say.


For now, though, I am soaking in this beauty in Tasmania. I walked yesterday around Lake Dobson, in the Mount Field National Park. This beauty fills my lungs with the deliciousness and possibilities of a restored world and humanity.

I’d love to hear what restores you, especially if you live in a city. How do you connect with nature and to life?  What does your belonging look and feel like? Please comment below, or email me privately if you’d prefer.

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