I’m back in Australia and living in the Blue Mountains just west of Sydney.  There are cliffs near me, where I sit in the evenings watching the sunset and the light on the cliffs.

It reminds me of place, and of belonging.

This is the friendliest community I’ve come across, and I’ve lived in quite a few places.  Still it takes time, settling into place after moving for a while.  This getting to know the community, and the land.  It takes time to know and be known.

I was at the cliffs the other day, still feeling like a stranger here, even if a welcome one, when I had the sense of the land rising up and enfolding me. I felt myself relaxing into this, feeling this home, this belonging here, in this place, on this planet.

In western cultures, we can have a strange relationship to our homes, or houses at least. Real estate is often seen to be an investment opportunity for many, and where real estate pages dominate both the local and major newspapers.

But there are other way of being with place, other ways of being at home.

So I invite you today, whatever kind of home you have, wherever you are, to drop into the home beneath it all and to rest on the earth and your undeniable belonging here.

Life has breathed you into being.

You are wanted


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  1. Beautiful article Lure. Even when you feel alone, you can connect to the earth to feel connection! <3

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