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It’s been a little while now since I’ve written.  I’ve been feeling the changes on the earth and the rising up of people around the world so intimately. We’re living in such a time of change.

I want you to know that I see you. You brave souls standing up to protect what is left and those doing the holding work, the sacred connection, the nourishing of hearts and souls so needed now.

I see you and I honour you

It’s hard to know what to do now, when there is so much to be done, and so much of panic and distress in response.

Here’s what I’m learning …

That connection is everything

That connection to love, to life and to this glorious natural world can see us through.  Time spent doing this is not wasted time away from what’s needed. It is the essential ground from which we move, at least if we want to act wisely.

Know our limits

With so much going on with the climate crisis, on top of our already busy lives, it can be all too easy to try to do too much.  This makes it especially important to care for our hearts and bodies and get very clear on what is for you, and what is not. This discernment makes it possible for us to keep going. It’s OK to say no. 

Allow our feelings

Many of us come from cultures with taboos on intense feelings and on public expressions of grief or anger. Yet so many are feeling these emotions just now.  When we don’t let ourselves feel, we can get lost in overwhelm, numbness or apathy. When we make space to feel these feelings about the losses of species, of forests and of our possible futures, then our hearts can be clear and we can be present to life. Which leads to the next …

We are better together

We need to hold each other in our grief, our despair, our love and all the rest.  So often these emotions are world-sized, and so we need each other to hold them.  Maybe then we can grow a planet-sized love. Maybe then we can dream a new world into being, one aligned with this great love. What if we stepped into that world now, together?

Nature is waiting for us

I’ve felt nature calling to me especially clearly these past months. It seems a veil has lifted and at times I feel all of nature – the trees, the waters, the air – all of life, longing for us to listen and to remember our belonging to all of this.  What if, when we fall in love with life again, we discover that we are equally loved back?  What might happen then?

There is time

You, like me, might be feeling an urgency, but I want to remind us all that there is time. There is time for love. There is time for a walk in the forest or park, or a swim in the ocean.  There is time for cups of soup or tea with friends. There is time to enjoy a flower.

There is so much beauty in this world.

With love,


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  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing!
    Holly recently posted…Where to Buy Mason Bees and How to Care for ThemMy Profile

  2. What a beautiful and helpful reminder, Lure! Yes! I am finding here in Portland that there is a demonstration almost every day. There are certainly more groups doing important work on critical fronts for Mother Earth than I can possibly support financially, however much I wish I could. That is painful, a wounding all its own. I am learning to acknowledge and accept the pain, to welcome it as another aspect of being fully human in these times, and offer it to God, along with a prayer for the healing of human consciousness and the planet. Love to you, my dear!

    • I’m finding it very heartening to see the movements building, with more folks joining each day. Thank you for your beautiful words, Ann, and for your prayers <3

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