There’s been so  much beauty in my travels in Ireland and the south of England. I’ve not been moving a whole lot, rather it’s been a deepening of connections made online over the past few years and from my travels last year.  I’ve visited places that have been so powerful I’ve sometimes felt like I’m between worlds for days – Loughcrew, Tara and Uisneach in Ireland, Chalice Well and the sacred tree in Glastonbury, and the Avebury stone circles in England.  I’m loving spending time with new and old friends in these gorgeous places. Here’s one of the paths at Chalice Well.

TreeSister Groves in Ireland
I’m so deeply excited to see the TreeSister Groves being seeded in Ireland. After running a workshop on the groves at the Masters of Calm Yoga Festival on Inis Rath, there has been a number of women wanting to start groves in their local areas. We’ll be having our first gathering at the Hill of Tara on the 27th July, just before I return to Australia. All are welcome! Contact me for details.

Would you like to meet up or organise an event? 
Let me know if you’d like to meet up or organise a gathering In Ireland or to meet up during July. 

I’m moving!
I’ll be moving to Katoomba in the Blue Mountains when I arrive back in Australia. Stay tuned for how and where I’ll be working from up there.

Working with me
I’ve been doing online sessions along the way, but might not get much more chance to do so before I return to Australia.  However if you have an urgent request, please contact me. Otherwise, I’ll be starting programs again from early July.

I appreciate you sharing
If you know anyone who might be interested in this, please share. If they’d like to receive emails like this one, they can subscribe here.

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