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I’m moving!

Yes, I’m leaving my beloved Tasmania and moving to Sydney.  I’m right in the middle of the packing, getting ready for the removalists to come next week.

I’ve been stressed and tired, wondering how I’ll get it all done in time.

And yet there’s been beauty amongst it all. I saw these outside my friend’s house as I went for a cuppa and break from my packing.


One thing that’s struck me is just how important self-care is in times like these.

Not just for a move, but every time we step up to something bigger, increase our commitments or become more visible.

It’s important, essential even.

The greater the demands on us, the more support we need.

For me that’s meant eating well, having more regular body work, and meeting friends for tea and farewells.

I visited my favourite trees in the gardens here.



And went for walks on the beach. I visited Clifton Beach after an afternoon with friends and music last weekend. I relaxed and slept so deeply afterwards.



This time has also been about considering what type of support I need, and asking for it.  Asking in a spiritual sense, as well as in practical ways.  I quite literally couldn’t do this move with out all this help – the cleaning, lifting, mowing, company,  music and heart -nourishment.

I’m grateful for it al.

I’m wondering … What do you do to care for yourself in times of extra demand? Please share with us below.

An update

There’ll be a new look website and new name coming in the new year.  Exciting changes on the way!

What about the programs and sessions?

The Wild Heart Program and sessions will be available again the week before Christmas and in the new year. Please email me at lurewishes@gmail.com if you’d like to book in a conversation about this or if you have any questions.



  1. In times of extra stress I always make sure I sleep enough and have nourishing nutrient-dense food on hand to keep myself fed. I also make times for baths and walks with my partner. I wish you a wonderful move Lure!

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