I’m letting life unravel me,
from ideas of value, productivity, achievement

Marks at school grading one over the other,
The lessons for good girls and boys

I’m letting life undo me,
from the notion that we earn our belonging.

As if I could be separate from this majesty,
This wild unfathomable life

I’m letting life untame me,
from the hunger for always more

I’m melting into the arms of life,
And the presence of this unconquerable heart









How you can work with me

I’m offering sessions in the park for those in Sydney. $100 a session for 60 minutes, as well the programs below in person.
Online programs: Shining Bright and the Wild Heart Program 
Single sessions also available.

If you are feeling called and not sure, let’s talk, so you can find out more and see how it all feels.  Contact me here.

My mobile is out of action for a little while, so email is the best contact for now.

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Contact Me
You can email me here. or at lurewishes@gmail.com

with love,


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