Water Yarning Reflections

We had a powerful and challenging time at the Water Yarning event last weekend. There were Aboriginal elders present, custodians of waterways and places,  and people with Water Tjukurpa (dreaming) there.  We heard about the relationship between fire and rain, about the deep love and care traditional custodians hold for their country and sacred sites, and how heart-breaking it is for them when unable to enact that care.

One story shows just what this means as Uncle Kevin Buzzacott of the Arabunna Nation, Lake Eyre travelled all the way to Japan from South Australia to apologise for the harm caused by the Hiroshima bombingsbecause the uranium used in the bombs came from his country. He has been campaigning almost his whole life for Australia to stop mining uranium, and he has never given his permission for this use or extraction. 

There was enormous richness and great pain to be faced and felt throughout the four days of the event.  It showed how much more healing is needed, both individually and collectively, and also the power of love and resilience of those working together for a more connected and loving world. It gave me more commitment to continue this work, both personally and through what I can offer others.

Climate Heart Circles start tomorrow


I recorded this video with a little more about the Water Yarning event and about the Climate Heart Circles, which start tomorrow, Friday, and on Monday.

We’ll be cycling through the elements in these circles, starting with Water.  You can register here if you’d like to join us.  As I’m writing this, its just started to rain!!!  It is so dry here in northern NSW, in what is usually very wet rainforest.  

Will you help me get the word out? 
I’d love for those who are longing for this work to find out about it now.  Could you help by sharing with those you know who might be interested or in need of this? 

with love,


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