Someone contacted me the other day, someone who has received my newsletters for a while now, and said she (still) didn’t really know what I did professionally.

So, I think it’s time to write a bit more about this. I’ll be sending a series of these notes to you over the next weeks, to spell out just what I do and how. It’s an evolving thing, as my work has developed to meet the needs of my clients, and my commitments.  I am grateful for you all.

So, here’s some more about what I do

1. I guide women who want renewed vitality, love and purpose in their lives.

This work is about dissolving what is holding you back from living fully – stress and anxiety,  old wounds, the overwhelm from too much to do, the grief that won’t go away. It is about connecting with your love, strength and power again.  I’ll be writing about this in Letter no. 1

2. I mentor women who want to follow their sacred calling.

This work about bringing all of you into what you do, unleashing those parts you’ve held back and held in, in order to survive in past roles. C

3. Clearings and Blessings for events and special occasions.

These sessions came about as a special request, but since I love doing them, and I’ve had wonderful feedback, I’m now offering it to all.  This will be the subject of Letter no. 3

4. Sessions in the Park

These sessions include all of the above, plus a new offering. The big difference is that they take place in parks around the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.  Having moved to Sydney only recently, I know how easy it is to lose connection with nature. I know I’m not alone. We can become deprived.  More coming in Letter no. 4.

In the meantime, if you’d like to know more please contact me.  I’m available for Skype sessions, and Sessions in the Park.

*If you are interested in finding out more, but would have trouble paying the fees for whatever reason, please in touch.*

With love,






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