I am beyond grateful for ancestral healing work for the personal, community and cultural healing I’ve experienced and witnessed. Here are some of the ways … 


I receive much support and guidance from my now-well ancestors, and a sense of belonging, throughout space and time. I recognize now where my love of the land comes from, my connection with trees, and beauty and of the healing arts.  I see the relief and the blessings that flow for others, especially those with a difficult experience of family. 

I experience increased peace and feelings of clarity, and less interference from the world of spirit. It was only after I started this process that I realized just how much of my energy went in dealing with this unrest from the spirit world.

I rejoice in the blessings received through my lineages, the gifts amplified, the guidance clarified, the old wisdoms renewed. My sense of purpose is  strengthened, and direction clarified.

Community and Culture

The family and community blessings are profound as I feel the flow of blessing to living family. To be in communication with my ancestors about living family, and of knowing deceased family members have been well-received, and more.

I am profoundly grateful for the support of the ancestors in my work, in the reweaving of connections, and in the remembering of old wisdom and ways. I receive teachings on trees and plants. I’m learning a gentler, more connected way to be in the world.  

I have my radiant ancestors with me, guiding me, as I guide people through a reconnection with their ancestors, and with the land.  They have stepped forward in the healing of the harms on the invasion of this country, and in the undoing the colonization of my being.  

I long for a world where more and more people take up this work of reconnection and repair, of being accountable to our wise ancestors, our communities and to future generations.  I see a world where we each step up to all we can be in the world.

I long for a world of maturity among adults, and of the wise tending and guidance of young folk.  I long for leaders with accountability, where we remember our sacred relationship with the earth, with all that this calls from us.  Where community matters, and leaders move in service. Where we remember we are all leaders, and that our love and tending is powerful.

I see a world where the unrested dead are peaceful at last, and the blessings flowing from this touch all living. Where the visible and the invisible are in harmony once again, so that we can find new/old ways forward.  I see a world coming alive as we remember our belonging.  

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