You may know by now just how much the forests, ocean and wild spaces of the earth mean to me, as does the restoration and healing of the feminine.  With the rising of the feminine, so can our relationship with the earth shift and we return to a place of honouring our feeling senses, our intuition, and the natural world.

It is for this reason that I combine the transformational work of my clients with the planting of trees. Every woman who does my Wild Heart Program is also planting trees, as a proportion of her fee is gifted to this. I have now extended this to include the Shining Bright Program.

Our situation is urgent, with the heating of the planet, the changes in weather patterns, the deforestation and degraded waterways.  I imagine you are only too familiar with this.

Combined with this is the level of distress so many people live with every day.  We have seen just how many women and men have experienced sexual harassment and assault, with all the #metoo posts.   People living with depression, dreading going to work, under financial distress … it goes on.

Our usual ways of doing things are failing us, and many of us are crying out for change.  That’s why I am committed to being part of that change.

I want to introduce you to Treesisters, who are planting these trees across the tropics.  They have embarked on a journey for us to shift from a consumer species to a restorer species, with the vision of planting a billion trees.

They have an amazing series of talks between Clare Dubois and inspirational women working for the planet. I’ve listened to two so far, and can’t wait to hear the rest.   This will be followed by an inner journey, as we make the shift.

I experience this as a real activation, with each of these women bringing transmissions of new possibilities and ways of becoming. My cells are tingling from all of this, and from the amazing women coming in to join us. There are over 600 already!  There is also a group for men who long to take part.  I invite you to join us! You can do so here: Wild Hope for Humanity

I am on the support team for the Inner Journey, so please say hello when you arrive in the group.   There is no cost to any of this, although of course, donations for the trees are always welcome.

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If you have any recommendations for people doing good things with waterways and the ocean, please let me know!

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I am available for 4 conversations in the next 2 weeks, to talk about working with me. We can talk about what is going on for you, what your hopes and dreams and challenges are, and which of my programs might assist you.  The programs can then take place in the park near where I live, in a beautiful centre in the Eastern Suburbs in Sydney, or online.

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