I am beyond grateful for ancestral healing work for the personal, community and cultural healing I’ve experienced and witnessed. Here are some of the ways … 


I receive much support and guidance from my now-well ancestors, and a sense of belonging, throughout space and time. I recognize now where my love of the land comes from, my connection with trees, and beauty and of the healing arts.  I see the relief and the blessings that flow for others, especially those with a difficult experience of family. 

I experience increased peace and feelings of clarity, and less interference from the world of spirit. It was only after I started this process that I realized just how much of my energy went in dealing with this unrest from the spirit world.

I rejoice in the blessings received through my lineages, the gifts amplified, the guidance clarified, the old wisdoms renewed. My sense of purpose is  strengthened, and direction clarified.

Community and Culture

The family and community blessings are profound as I feel the flow of blessing to living family. To be in communication with my ancestors about living family, and of knowing deceased family members have been well-received, and more.

I am profoundly grateful for the support of the ancestors in my work, in the reweaving of connections, and in the remembering of old wisdom and ways. I receive teachings on trees and plants. I’m learning a gentler, more connected way to be in the world.  

I have my radiant ancestors with me, guiding me, as I guide people through a reconnection with their ancestors, and with the land.  They have stepped forward in the healing of the harms on the invasion of this country, and in the undoing the colonization of my being.  

I long for a world where more and more people take up this work of reconnection and repair, of being accountable to our wise ancestors, our communities and to future generations.  I see a world where we each step up to all we can be in the world.

I long for a world of maturity among adults, and of the wise tending and guidance of young folk.  I long for leaders with accountability, where we remember our sacred relationship with the earth, with all that this calls from us.  Where community matters, and leaders move in service. Where we remember we are all leaders, and that our love and tending is powerful.

I see a world where the unrested dead are peaceful at last, and the blessings flowing from this touch all living. Where the visible and the invisible are in harmony once again, so that we can find new/old ways forward.  I see a world coming alive as we remember our belonging.  

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In these times of change and challenge, with a lot coming to the surface during the pandemic and around race and oppression, many are feeling stretched, tired, and overwhelmed. It’s a challenging time, and one in which I hold hope of bringing real change. With all the outward action, there is a simultaneous need to deepen into our practice, to double our self-care, to restore and replenish, and tend to those close.

This is not an indulgence. Change is happening now, and we need to find the resourcefulness and sustenance for the long haul.  Nourishing our hearts and bodies and tending to relationships in whatever ways we can is part of what’s essential in these times.

That’s why in the Circles of Belonging series starting on the 23rd June, we’ll be opening conversations about how those of us who are non-indigenous might come into right relationship with Indigenous people. At the same time, we’ll be connecting in to our sources of support, our wise and loving ancestors, to the land, the oceans, and the winds.

As we deepen our foundations, and come into more presence with what is, we can face uncomfortable truths in a way that can be generative and life-giving.

In this interview below, I speak with Kate Lawrence, an Ancestral Lineage Repair Practitioner and Spiritual Counsellor. We speak about ancestral re-connection, healing, belonging, and kindness. Please join us.  

Circles of Belonging

This series of circles begins on Jun 23rd. Please register by June 17th to ensure you receive the materials sent the week prior with some considerations and questions prior to our gatherings. There will be a maximum number of 10. There are currently some spaces left.

You can find out about the gatherings here:  https://lurewishes.com/circles-of-belonging/

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I’ve started to write a number of times, but my words have simply fallen away. This seems to be a time of the sloughing away of old ways, at least for me.

So today, I’ll simply say hello  and give you an update you on some of what I’ve been doing over the past little while.

I’m now living at Valla Beach in New South Wales, in a beautiful little place near the ocean and among the trees.  It’s a gorgeous place to be.

I’ve been learning more about grief and ways of tending it. I enjoyed holding space for grief during the Climate heart Circles last year, and also felt the call to extend this.  I became aware of how our perceptions of grief can limit our healing, and of the impacts of suppressed grief on our lives.

Grief is part of life; we have losses every day, as parts of ourselves fall away and the new emerges. We have grief at what we didn’t receive, and for how we weren’t held, for those who have passed, and for unprocessed grief from our ancestors, just for a start. Francis Weller, in his beautiful book, The Wild Edge of Sorrow, names a number of these types of grief.

So I’m finding more words now for what I knew through my own life and work with others – that it is a doorway to more life, more vitality, and that it is ultimately about love.  

In related news, I’ve continued connecting with my ancestors, am part of the healing process for my lineages, and now receiving teachings on how to hold others in this way.

And mostly for now, I’m settling in to place here, getting to know the land, the trees and the huge power that is the ocean here. I hear it 24 hours a day; its roar accompanies my rest.

So that’s it for me for now.

I’d love to hear how you’re going with these changing times and what has been arising for you.  Are there hidden blessings amongst it all?  Have you or your loved ones been personally affected by the virus?  Please write and let me know, if that feels good for you.

Working with me
I’m available for individual sessions, on a sliding scale rate. I know that many have been impacted in so many ways, as well as the pre-C19 issues so many already experienced. Contact: lure@lurewishes.com or on +61 458 910 469

With love,

Water Yarning Reflections

We had a powerful and challenging time at the Water Yarning event last weekend. There were Aboriginal elders present, custodians of waterways and places,  and people with Water Tjukurpa (dreaming) there.  We heard about the relationship between fire and rain, about the deep love and care traditional custodians hold for their country and sacred sites, and how heart-breaking it is for them when unable to enact that care.

One story shows just what this means as Uncle Kevin Buzzacott of the Arabunna Nation, Lake Eyre travelled all the way to Japan from South Australia to apologise for the harm caused by the Hiroshima bombingsbecause the uranium used in the bombs came from his country. He has been campaigning almost his whole life for Australia to stop mining uranium, and he has never given his permission for this use or extraction. 

There was enormous richness and great pain to be faced and felt throughout the four days of the event.  It showed how much more healing is needed, both individually and collectively, and also the power of love and resilience of those working together for a more connected and loving world. It gave me more commitment to continue this work, both personally and through what I can offer others.

Climate Heart Circles start tomorrow


I recorded this video with a little more about the Water Yarning event and about the Climate Heart Circles, which start tomorrow, Friday, and on Monday.

We’ll be cycling through the elements in these circles, starting with Water.  You can register here if you’d like to join us.  As I’m writing this, its just started to rain!!!  It is so dry here in northern NSW, in what is usually very wet rainforest.  

Will you help me get the word out? 
I’d love for those who are longing for this work to find out about it now.  Could you help by sharing with those you know who might be interested or in need of this? 

with love,


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It’s been a little while now since I’ve written.  I’ve been feeling the changes on the earth and the rising up of people around the world so intimately. We’re living in such a time of change.

I want you to know that I see you. You brave souls standing up to protect what is left and those doing the holding work, the sacred connection, the nourishing of hearts and souls so needed now.

I see you and I honour you

It’s hard to know what to do now, when there is so much to be done, and so much of panic and distress in response.

Here’s what I’m learning …

That connection is everything

That connection to love, to life and to this glorious natural world can see us through.  Time spent doing this is not wasted time away from what’s needed. It is the essential ground from which we move, at least if we want to act wisely.

Know our limits

With so much going on with the climate crisis, on top of our already busy lives, it can be all too easy to try to do too much.  This makes it especially important to care for our hearts and bodies and get very clear on what is for you, and what is not. This discernment makes it possible for us to keep going. It’s OK to say no. 

Allow our feelings

Many of us come from cultures with taboos on intense feelings and on public expressions of grief or anger. Yet so many are feeling these emotions just now.  When we don’t let ourselves feel, we can get lost in overwhelm, numbness or apathy. When we make space to feel these feelings about the losses of species, of forests and of our possible futures, then our hearts can be clear and we can be present to life. Which leads to the next …

We are better together

We need to hold each other in our grief, our despair, our love and all the rest.  So often these emotions are world-sized, and so we need each other to hold them.  Maybe then we can grow a planet-sized love. Maybe then we can dream a new world into being, one aligned with this great love. What if we stepped into that world now, together?

Nature is waiting for us

I’ve felt nature calling to me especially clearly these past months. It seems a veil has lifted and at times I feel all of nature – the trees, the waters, the air – all of life, longing for us to listen and to remember our belonging to all of this.  What if, when we fall in love with life again, we discover that we are equally loved back?  What might happen then?

There is time

You, like me, might be feeling an urgency, but I want to remind us all that there is time. There is time for love. There is time for a walk in the forest or park, or a swim in the ocean.  There is time for cups of soup or tea with friends. There is time to enjoy a flower.

There is so much beauty in this world.

With love,


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I’ve been on the move a little lately, exploring more of New South Wales over the Australian Summer.  I’ve been diving into ancestral healing the past few months.  While people come to me with a range of pressing issues, sooner or later family issues come up.  Even when these issues aren’t the main theme of the program, many report changes in their family relationships as a result of their sessions with me. I wanted to go deeper with this and especially support those with a lot of challenges with family, living or no.  It’s often the sensitive people in a family who suffer this the most. 


I’ve also been passionate about the relationships within Australia between Aboriginal people and the settlers/invaders of this country and ongoing actions here.  I also care deeply about the natural world, as you no doubt know if you’ve been reading my emails for a little while. I see the crisis we’re in on the planet with climate change and deforestation and ask the questions … how did we get here?  When did we forget we are part of life and why is it so hard to make changes?  What will it take to come back into relationship, to face what’s happened in this country and so many others? How can we open our hearts and remember… connection … belonging … love.

So I’ve dived into this aspect of our individual and cultural healing.  I’m deeply excited by this and already see changes in my own life.  I’m committed to assisting the healing of  rifts in family lines, to reconnecting with gifts and with finding that place of belonging, beyond what might be happening within our families today. 

We all belong.

We all bring gifts.

We are all needed.

It’s time to bring our gifts forward, for the sake of the earth and us all. 

Some changes

To this end, I have had a change of pricing of my programs, and the prices have gone down. My Shining Bright Program is now less than when it was first launched.  I’m working only online at the moment, so this is possible.  I’m not sure how long these prices will last but they will hold until further notice. 

I also understand that there are many reasons someone might not be able to afford these prices, so if you feel called to work with me, please contact me and we’ll work something out.

About online sessions

It’s taken me a while to warm to online sessions as much as in-person ones. Now I love them. I do both Alchemy sessions and Light Sessions in this way, as well as the guided journeys. We meet via video call so we can see and hear each other.  The technology is easy to use, even for those new to the platform.  We can also meet via phone if you’re unable to do the video 

I hope you are well and happy. Please be in touch if you want assistance or if you just want to say hello. I love hearing from you.

With love,


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I’m back in Australia and living in the Blue Mountains just west of Sydney.  There are cliffs near me, where I sit in the evenings watching the sunset and the light on the cliffs.

It reminds me of place, and of belonging.

This is the friendliest community I’ve come across, and I’ve lived in quite a few places.  Still it takes time, settling into place after moving for a while.  This getting to know the community, and the land.  It takes time to know and be known.

I was at the cliffs the other day, still feeling like a stranger here, even if a welcome one, when I had the sense of the land rising up and enfolding me. I felt myself relaxing into this, feeling this home, this belonging here, in this place, on this planet.

In western cultures, we can have a strange relationship to our homes, or houses at least. Real estate is often seen to be an investment opportunity for many, and where real estate pages dominate both the local and major newspapers.

But there are other way of being with place, other ways of being at home.

So I invite you today, whatever kind of home you have, wherever you are, to drop into the home beneath it all and to rest on the earth and your undeniable belonging here.

Life has breathed you into being.

You are wanted


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There’s been so  much beauty in my travels in Ireland and the south of England. I’ve not been moving a whole lot, rather it’s been a deepening of connections made online over the past few years and from my travels last year.  I’ve visited places that have been so powerful I’ve sometimes felt like I’m between worlds for days – Loughcrew, Tara and Uisneach in Ireland, Chalice Well and the sacred tree in Glastonbury, and the Avebury stone circles in England.  I’m loving spending time with new and old friends in these gorgeous places. Here’s one of the paths at Chalice Well.

TreeSister Groves in Ireland
I’m so deeply excited to see the TreeSister Groves being seeded in Ireland. After running a workshop on the groves at the Masters of Calm Yoga Festival on Inis Rath, there has been a number of women wanting to start groves in their local areas. We’ll be having our first gathering at the Hill of Tara on the 27th July, just before I return to Australia. All are welcome! Contact me for details.

Would you like to meet up or organise an event? 
Let me know if you’d like to meet up or organise a gathering In Ireland or to meet up during July. 

I’m moving!
I’ll be moving to Katoomba in the Blue Mountains when I arrive back in Australia. Stay tuned for how and where I’ll be working from up there.

Working with me
I’ve been doing online sessions along the way, but might not get much more chance to do so before I return to Australia.  However if you have an urgent request, please contact me. Otherwise, I’ll be starting programs again from early July.

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Often when we speak of self-care and restoration, we speak in terms of taking time out of our lives to do so. Yet it’s not always possible to do this. Sometimes life brings intense demands and there’s not much we can do in a practical sense in the short run.

Whether this is how you find yourself now or not, I invite you to …

drop a bit deeper into this moment

and feel what is here …. now

To welcome this life more fully, just as it is

With all it’s grief and despair and rage

And it’s love and joy and bliss

And trust the grace containing it all

Ireland and the UK! 
I’m travelling to Ireland and the UK in June/July this year.  I’ll be holding a grove circle at the Masters of Calm Healing Festival on the island of Inis Rath, Derrylin in Northern Ireland on 22nd June.  I’ll also be travelling to the SW of England and Wales and meeting up with some other treesisters and friends.

Would you like to meet up or organise an event? 
If you’re in Ireland, the south-west of England  or Wales, and would like to meet up or organise a gathering please be in touch. This email is best as I’ll have a new phone number while over there.

Work with me
I’m not starting any more clients full programs at the moment, but could offer smaller programs or individual sessions.  These can be held in Sydney or online.
Sessions include: spiritual and heart connection, clearing/transformational sessions for personal and family issues, event blessings and abundance sessions.

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I’ve just come back from a few wonderful weeks in Tasmania where I spent some time in wild places.  I’ve become so much more aware of how rare and precious these wild places are, and how fundamental they are to our whole being belonging.  I’ve missed it so much while in Sydney, this place of clarity and nourishment I experience not just in nature but in these wild places.  It heals something within me and I yearn for it when I’m not able to visit.

Here’s a short video to share this with you, just for a couple of minutes.  If you’d like more videos from me, please subscribe to my channel.

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