I’m in Tasmania for a few weeks, breathing the crystal air, feeling into the expanse of the forests and mountains, spending time with friends.  My being opens when I am here. My lungs fill, and I am at ease.



It’s been an interesting time, living in Sydney for the past year, so close to the ocean and near a park, but with the vast cityscape between me and the mountains.  My sense of being changes.

I become aware of how my feeling sense sweeps out in Tasmania across the south-west, the mountains and trees and buttongrass plains.


In Sydney, on the other hand it’s … painful at times. As my feeling sense sweeps out I encounter instead the roar of the city, the density, a pressure across my heart.  I’ve learned to pull in, to treasure the small things.

I’m learning to listen more closely to the trees speaking to me. I meet individual trees in the park and get to know them more, like this grandmother tree below who is teaching me so much. I am a beginner again and discover whole new possibilities as I listen.

It’s a privilege is to spend time in these wild areas, something many have never experienced and possibly could not even imagine. It is a treasure indeed.

I wonder what it would take for us all to awaken to our place here? To discover our belonging as part of all of this, as part of life itself.


How might that change how we act, what we consume, how we spend our money and lives? How might it change how we are with each other and all other life forms?

I don’t fully know, but I would love to find out.

I am envisioning a world of belonging and care, for each of us and this planet. Where we open to the wisdom of trees, the water and all of life, and listen for what they have to say.


For now, though, I am soaking in this beauty in Tasmania. I walked yesterday around Lake Dobson, in the Mount Field National Park. This beauty fills my lungs with the deliciousness and possibilities of a restored world and humanity.

I’d love to hear what restores you, especially if you live in a city. How do you connect with nature and to life?  What does your belonging look and feel like? Please comment below, or email me privately if you’d prefer.

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I’m letting life unravel me,
from ideas of value, productivity, achievement

Marks at school grading one over the other,
The lessons for good girls and boys

I’m letting life undo me,
from the notion that we earn our belonging.

As if I could be separate from this majesty,
This wild unfathomable life

I’m letting life untame me,
from the hunger for always more

I’m melting into the arms of life,
And the presence of this unconquerable heart









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You may know by now just how much the forests, ocean and wild spaces of the earth mean to me, as does the restoration and healing of the feminine.  With the rising of the feminine, so can our relationship with the earth shift and we return to a place of honouring our feeling senses, our intuition, and the natural world.

It is for this reason that I combine the transformational work of my clients with the planting of trees. Every woman who does my Wild Heart Program is also planting trees, as a proportion of her fee is gifted to this. I have now extended this to include the Shining Bright Program.

Our situation is urgent, with the heating of the planet, the changes in weather patterns, the deforestation and degraded waterways.  I imagine you are only too familiar with this.

Combined with this is the level of distress so many people live with every day.  We have seen just how many women and men have experienced sexual harassment and assault, with all the #metoo posts.   People living with depression, dreading going to work, under financial distress … it goes on.

Our usual ways of doing things are failing us, and many of us are crying out for change.  That’s why I am committed to being part of that change.

I want to introduce you to Treesisters, who are planting these trees across the tropics.  They have embarked on a journey for us to shift from a consumer species to a restorer species, with the vision of planting a billion trees.

They have an amazing series of talks between Clare Dubois and inspirational women working for the planet. I’ve listened to two so far, and can’t wait to hear the rest.   This will be followed by an inner journey, as we make the shift.

I experience this as a real activation, with each of these women bringing transmissions of new possibilities and ways of becoming. My cells are tingling from all of this, and from the amazing women coming in to join us. There are over 600 already!  There is also a group for men who long to take part.  I invite you to join us! You can do so here: Wild Hope for Humanity

I am on the support team for the Inner Journey, so please say hello when you arrive in the group.   There is no cost to any of this, although of course, donations for the trees are always welcome.

With love,


If you have any recommendations for people doing good things with waterways and the ocean, please let me know!

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Someone contacted me the other day, someone who has received my newsletters for a while now, and said she (still) didn’t really know what I did professionally.

So, I think it’s time to write a bit more about this. I’ll be sending a series of these notes to you over the next weeks, to spell out just what I do and how. It’s an evolving thing, as my work has developed to meet the needs of my clients, and my commitments.  I am grateful for you all.

So, here’s some more about what I do

1. I guide women who want renewed vitality, love and purpose in their lives.

This work is about dissolving what is holding you back from living fully – stress and anxiety,  old wounds, the overwhelm from too much to do, the grief that won’t go away. It is about connecting with your love, strength and power again.  I’ll be writing about this in Letter no. 1

2. I mentor women who want to follow their sacred calling.

This work about bringing all of you into what you do, unleashing those parts you’ve held back and held in, in order to survive in past roles. C

3. Clearings and Blessings for events and special occasions.

These sessions came about as a special request, but since I love doing them, and I’ve had wonderful feedback, I’m now offering it to all.  This will be the subject of Letter no. 3

4. Sessions in the Park

These sessions include all of the above, plus a new offering. The big difference is that they take place in parks around the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.  Having moved to Sydney only recently, I know how easy it is to lose connection with nature. I know I’m not alone. We can become deprived.  More coming in Letter no. 4.

In the meantime, if you’d like to know more please contact me.  I’m available for Skype sessions, and Sessions in the Park.

*If you are interested in finding out more, but would have trouble paying the fees for whatever reason, please in touch.*

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I’ve been in Ireland now for two weeks, although it feels much longer. I’ve spent time visiting some of the sacred hills of Ireland, and ancient sites.

The Moynalty Yoga and Healing Festival took place on a weekend of sunny skies and warm days. There were a lot of pink faces and shoulders by the Sunday evening.

it was a joy to work with people so open-hearted and curious in my Wild Heart Alchemy workshop.

The people here have been so kind and welcoming.  I’ve been traveling, sharing the alchymeic work, listening to music and visiting the sacred sites along the way.

After the nurturing energy of Co. Meath, the land of Donegal was something else! I went to the sacred Tory Island, met some of the locals and walked the cliffs.

Then to the mainland of Donegal, near the Glenveigh National Park. I can’t fully explain my experiences here. The land is powerful here and I found myself staying far longer than planned. I’m glad to have found this place and the people here.

This is the view from near where I was staying. I feel my circuits being rewired with the power of this place.

This journey has been a journey of trust, of friendship, and of truly experiencing the gifts of hospitality and shared blessings.  It has been abundant beyond any expectation.

Update on working with me

While in theory, I am available for online sessions, the reality has been a bit different, due to inconsistent internet connection and the joys of travelling. However, if you would like to work with me, or need a refresher session, please do contact me.  I’ll be in Luxembourg soon, and so may have the opportunity then.

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How do we deal with the stress that comes with those days when we have too much on? In this video, I share a tip that I’ve found helpful in these situations. Sometimes in these situations, we try to do everything at once, but end up not doing anything very well.

However, if you stop, take some gentle breaths, and tune in through your heart, you can ask for what you really need to do now. It might only take a moment. Just a breath. Once you do this, you may find that some things you thought essential just fall away.

Even if you’re still busy, you’ll be acting more from a space of connection, peace, and acceptance of your limits. You might even find that you get more done.


News of my travels

I’m heading off to Ireland on June 11th and getting very excited about this. I’ll be visiting the ancient sites at Newgrange and the Hill of Tara on the way to the Moynalty Healing Festival on the weekend of the 17th and 18th of June.

Special Offer

In celebration of my travels, I am offering some special programs and sessions for the next 3 weeks. I am offering a two session package of Wild Heart Alchemy for the very special price of AU$180 (usual price $300) .

Previous participants have experienced:
– Greater clarity and new purpose
– Improved relationships
– Increased energy and vitality

In this mini-program you’ll …

*** learn a practice to connect with love

*** experience energy work to shift your state of being

*** be guided on an inner journey to connect with your embodied wisdom

… so that you can step forward in strength and love and power.

Contact me to get started or ask any questions

Healing is a word that can mean different things to different people, so I want to explain what I mean by this. When I talk about healing, I mean coming to wholeness and love. This is not the same thing as fixing or curing from physical ailments, although sometimes that happens as well.
Watch this video to hear more about this.

Here is the link I mention in this video to find out more about how to work with me.

I’d love to hear your views or experiences on healing or whether you have any requests for topics for me to cover in my videos. Please comment below.

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I go snorkelling most mornings, whenever I can. Here’s what the fish are teaching me about dealing with obstacles or blocks when trying to get stuff done.

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Sydney Wild Hearts For the Trees

We have a new group of women starting on Sunday 9th April at 11 am in Centennial Park. This is a group for women who love this beautiful planet, especially the trees. We get together every 2 weeks, to explore what it means for us to heal and rise together, and connect more with this living world. This may include working with energy together, meeting in beautiful places among the trees, meditating together and heart-felt sharing. Contact me here for more details.

Curious about how to work with me?

Here’s more information about next steps for those who would like to know more about working with me.

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Welcome to the new look and direction of my work and new name … Wild Heart Woman. This is more a refinement, though,  than a completely new one. As many of you will know, I’ve a great love of wild places, and in one of my past roles, I guided people to wild and beautiful places in Tasmania and Western Australia.

Now this work has come home again and is part of my work here, initially through internal journeys of connection with the instinctual nature, and with the natural world. The vision is to also hold groups and programs in wild places.

So many of us are deprived of nature connection, and many have lost touch with our own natural rhythms. So part of my work now is in this re-connection, with love, with our own natures, with each other, and with the natural world.

I’ve recorded a video that speaks to this need for us to honour our natural rhythms. I hope you enjoy it and find it nourishing. As always, I love to hear back from you, so look forward to any comments you’d like to leave on the post, or via email.

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It sure is a big time at the moment, with all that’s going on in the world. Our news feeds are dominated by what is happening in the US, and the ripples of this throughout the world.

Often in these times of greater intensity and need for action, our self-care can get dropped.   Today I have a short video (3.31 mins) about the importance of self-care. It’s a priority if we want to move forward with strength, power and kindness in the work that we do.

I hope you enjoy it.

New working space in Sydney

I now have a lovely room to work from in Little Bay, in Sydney. We have ocean views and the cool breeze from the water.  Very excited about this! If you’re in Sydney, and want to meet in person, please be in touch.

Changes on the way!!!

You will very notice soon some changes with my newsletters, my website, and on social media.   I am working with a designer this very week to get some new designs for my biz, and the Wild Heart Woman programs.  Stay tuned!

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Do you want support staying true to your heart and acting with purpose, clarity and kindness  – and want to experience energy and alchymiec work on the way to this? You might be interested in my Wild Heart Program, or perhaps you want to start with a single Restore and Renew session.    You might just want to learn more and ask any questions.

We meet via video call or phone for a 30 minute free session, or in person in Little Bay.  You can contact me here.

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