Someone contacted me the other day, someone who has received my newsletters for a while now, and said she (still) didn’t really know what I did professionally.

So, I think it’s time to write a bit more about this. I’ll be sending a series of these notes to you over the next weeks, to spell out just what I do and how. It’s an evolving thing, as my work has developed to meet the needs of my clients, and my commitments.  I am grateful for you all.

So, here’s some more about what I do

1. I guide women who want renewed vitality, love and purpose in their lives.

This work is about dissolving what is holding you back from living fully – stress and anxiety,  old wounds, the overwhelm from too much to do, the grief that won’t go away. It is about connecting with your love, strength and power again.  I’ll be writing about this in Letter no. 1

2. I mentor women who want to follow their sacred calling.

This work about bringing all of you into what you do, unleashing those parts you’ve held back and held in, in order to survive in past roles. C

3. Clearings and Blessings for events and special occasions.

These sessions came about as a special request, but since I love doing them, and I’ve had wonderful feedback, I’m now offering it to all.  This will be the subject of Letter no. 3

4. Sessions in the Park

These sessions include all of the above, plus a new offering. The big difference is that they take place in parks around the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.  Having moved to Sydney only recently, I know how easy it is to lose connection with nature. I know I’m not alone. We can become deprived.  More coming in Letter no. 4.

In the meantime, if you’d like to know more please contact me.  I’m available for Skype sessions, and Sessions in the Park.

*If you are interested in finding out more, but would have trouble paying the fees for whatever reason, please in touch.*

With love,






I’ve been in Ireland now for two weeks, although it feels much longer. I’ve spent time visiting some of the sacred hills of Ireland, and ancient sites.

The Moynalty Yoga and Healing Festival took place on a weekend of sunny skies and warm days. There were a lot of pink faces and shoulders by the Sunday evening.

it was a joy to work with people so open-hearted and curious in my Wild Heart Alchemy workshop.

The people here have been so kind and welcoming.  I’ve been traveling, sharing the alchymeic work, listening to music and visiting the sacred sites along the way.

After the nurturing energy of Co. Meath, the land of Donegal was something else! I went to the sacred Tory Island, met some of the locals and walked the cliffs.

Then to the mainland of Donegal, near the Glenveigh National Park. I can’t fully explain my experiences here. The land is powerful here and I found myself staying far longer than planned. I’m glad to have found this place and the people here.

This is the view from near where I was staying. I feel my circuits being rewired with the power of this place.

This journey has been a journey of trust, of friendship, and of truly experiencing the gifts of hospitality and shared blessings.  It has been abundant beyond any expectation.

Update on working with me

While in theory, I am available for online sessions, the reality has been a bit different, due to inconsistent internet connection and the joys of travelling. However, if you would like to work with me, or need a refresher session, please do contact me.  I’ll be in Luxembourg soon, and so may have the opportunity then.

I appreciate you sharing
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How do we deal with the stress that comes with those days when we have too much on? In this video, I share a tip that I’ve found helpful in these situations. Sometimes in these situations, we try to do everything at once, but end up not doing anything very well.

However, if you stop, take some gentle breaths, and tune in through your heart, you can ask for what you really need to do now. It might only take a moment. Just a breath. Once you do this, you may find that some things you thought essential just fall away.

Even if you’re still busy, you’ll be acting more from a space of connection, peace, and acceptance of your limits. You might even find that you get more done.


News of my travels

I’m heading off to Ireland on June 11th and getting very excited about this. I’ll be visiting the ancient sites at Newgrange and the Hill of Tara on the way to the Moynalty Healing Festival on the weekend of the 17th and 18th of June.

Special Offer

In celebration of my travels, I am offering some special programs and sessions for the next 3 weeks. I am offering a two session package of Wild Heart Alchemy for the very special price of AU$180 (usual price $300) .

Previous participants have experienced:
– Greater clarity and new purpose
– Improved relationships
– Increased energy and vitality

In this mini-program you’ll …

*** learn a practice to connect with love

*** experience energy work to shift your state of being

*** be guided on an inner journey to connect with your embodied wisdom

… so that you can step forward in strength and love and power.

Contact me to get started or ask any questions

Healing is a word that can mean different things to different people, so I want to explain what I mean by this. When I talk about healing, I mean coming to wholeness and love. This is not the same thing as fixing or curing from physical ailments, although sometimes that happens as well.
Watch this video to hear more about this.

Here is the link I mention in this video to find out more about how to work with me.

I’d love to hear your views or experiences on healing or whether you have any requests for topics for me to cover in my videos. Please comment below.

Wild Hearts for the Trees Meet-up in Sydney

We’re meeting approximately every 2 weeks, usually in Sydney parks. Contact me for more information.

Curious about working with me?

To book in for a free 30 minute session with me, simply reply to this email and we’ll sort out a time.  You can read more here. about the Wild Heart Program here.

With love,


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I go snorkelling most mornings, whenever I can. Here’s what the fish are teaching me about dealing with obstacles or blocks when trying to get stuff done.

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Sydney Wild Hearts For the Trees

We have a new group of women starting on Sunday 9th April at 11 am in Centennial Park. This is a group for women who love this beautiful planet, especially the trees. We get together every 2 weeks, to explore what it means for us to heal and rise together, and connect more with this living world. This may include working with energy together, meeting in beautiful places among the trees, meditating together and heart-felt sharing. Contact me here for more details.

Curious about how to work with me?

Here’s more information about next steps for those who would like to know more about working with me.

With love,


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Welcome to the new look and direction of my work and new name … Wild Heart Woman. This is more a refinement, though,  than a completely new one. As many of you will know, I’ve a great love of wild places, and in one of my past roles, I guided people to wild and beautiful places in Tasmania and Western Australia.

Now this work has come home again and is part of my work here, initially through internal journeys of connection with the instinctual nature, and with the natural world. The vision is to also hold groups and programs in wild places.

So many of us are deprived of nature connection, and many have lost touch with our own natural rhythms. So part of my work now is in this re-connection, with love, with our own natures, with each other, and with the natural world.

I’ve recorded a video that speaks to this need for us to honour our natural rhythms. I hope you enjoy it and find it nourishing. As always, I love to hear back from you, so look forward to any comments you’d like to leave on the post, or via email.

I invite you to subscribe to my You-tube channel for more videos along this theme.

Work with me

I am taking enrollments for the online Wild Heart Program. If you’d like to know more, ask any questions and find out whether it’s for you, simply contact me here with a short message and we’ll sort out a 30 minute intro session. It’s free.
With love,


I appreciate it when you share

It sure is a big time at the moment, with all that’s going on in the world. Our news feeds are dominated by what is happening in the US, and the ripples of this throughout the world.

Often in these times of greater intensity and need for action, our self-care can get dropped.   Today I have a short video (3.31 mins) about the importance of self-care. It’s a priority if we want to move forward with strength, power and kindness in the work that we do.

I hope you enjoy it.

New working space in Sydney

I now have a lovely room to work from in Little Bay, in Sydney. We have ocean views and the cool breeze from the water.  Very excited about this! If you’re in Sydney, and want to meet in person, please be in touch.

Changes on the way!!!

You will very notice soon some changes with my newsletters, my website, and on social media.   I am working with a designer this very week to get some new designs for my biz, and the Wild Heart Woman programs.  Stay tuned!

Work with me

Do you want support staying true to your heart and acting with purpose, clarity and kindness  – and want to experience energy and alchymiec work on the way to this? You might be interested in my Wild Heart Program, or perhaps you want to start with a single Restore and Renew session.    You might just want to learn more and ask any questions.

We meet via video call or phone for a 30 minute free session, or in person in Little Bay.  You can contact me here.

With love,

You haven’t heard from me for a little while, as I’ve been making my way to Sydney.  It’s such a strange time, that period between Christmas and New Year, here in Australia. There is a kind of pause between the old and the new year.

Some years ago, I visited Broome, a gorgeous beach town in the far north-west of Australia.  The tidal changes are enormous there. One day I walked out from Town beach, along the mud flats, when the tide was extra low. The flats seemed to go forever.

I walked out, and out, and out, following the receding tide.  There is a moment there, where the outgoing tide halts, and hasn’t yet turned to the incoming tide.

A moment of stillness; a pause.

Then the tide starts to come in, getting fuller and faster as the flow increases.   It can take some fast walking to get back to shore ahead of it.

My year so far has been like this tide. I am trusting this flow, just as I relaxed into the pause.

No plans, no projections.  Just being with what is at the start of the year, and feeling the flow start to come, as the year takes hold and my next steps are revealed.

I’ve been catching up with family and friends here. I’ve been swimming in the ocean.

I’ve been allowing my dreams and visions to emerge for this new place, with a gentle welcome, in their own time.

I’m in the right place. I’m ready.

How is your entry into this new year going?  Your next phase?   Please share with us below.

Want to work with me?

If you want support to drop more deeply into your own skin, to clear your inner space and open to what might be waiting for you next, let’s talk.  You might be interested in my Wild Heart Program, or perhaps you want to start with a single Restore and Renew session.    You might just want to learn more and ask any questions. We can meet via video call or phone for a 30 minute free session.  Contact me here and we’ll sort out a time.

With love,



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I’m moving!

Yes, I’m leaving my beloved Tasmania and moving to Sydney.  I’m right in the middle of the packing, getting ready for the removalists to come next week.

I’ve been stressed and tired, wondering how I’ll get it all done in time.

And yet there’s been beauty amongst it all. I saw these outside my friend’s house as I went for a cuppa and break from my packing.


One thing that’s struck me is just how important self-care is in times like these.

Not just for a move, but every time we step up to something bigger, increase our commitments or become more visible.

It’s important, essential even.

The greater the demands on us, the more support we need.

For me that’s meant eating well, having more regular body work, and meeting friends for tea and farewells.

I visited my favourite trees in the gardens here.



And went for walks on the beach. I visited Clifton Beach after an afternoon with friends and music last weekend. I relaxed and slept so deeply afterwards.



This time has also been about considering what type of support I need, and asking for it.  Asking in a spiritual sense, as well as in practical ways.  I quite literally couldn’t do this move with out all this help – the cleaning, lifting, mowing, company,  music and heart -nourishment.

I’m grateful for it al.

I’m wondering … What do you do to care for yourself in times of extra demand? Please share with us below.

An update

There’ll be a new look website and new name coming in the new year.  Exciting changes on the way!

What about the programs and sessions?

The Wild Heart Program and sessions will be available again the week before Christmas and in the new year. Please email me at if you’d like to book in a conversation about this or if you have any questions.


When we embark on a healing and transformational journey, all going well, we start to shift.  We feel clearer, more alive and more sensitive to life in the best possible way. Life becomes clearer with a sharper focus. We see things we might not have noticed before.


At the same time, other aspects of our life can become tougher.

Our relationships can become strained; conflicts may arise. We might even wonder what we are doing in that relationship.  We have new perspectives and can see what is not working. We may start to point the finger at our loved ones, pointing out the various ways they are “wrong”.

This can be distressing for all involved

Here are some things I’ve found important to keep in mind to help through this stage – and it is a stage.




Our transformation is not really something we can control.  We can bring ourselves to it, we can commit and show up, but at the end of the day, the sometimes miraculous nature of the shifts are not something we can contrive.  In the face of this, our only true response is gratitude and wonder.

The other side of gratitude is to acknowledge the level of support you have to allow you to make the shifts you have.  I remember one day some years ago, feeling very alone and unsupported, when suddenly my perspective shifted and I saw all that was supporting me every single day. All the people, plants, animals each day to allow me to sit on that bus and be carried home. The food on my table; the farmers, sales assistants, cleaners, the banks. All of it.

I am grateful for all the support I have had in my spiritual journey; it is a privilege to have the time and space to give to that. I’m grateful for my teachers, my classmates and the healers who have assisted me along the way.

It’s important to remember all the people right now supporting you in your journey; there may be more than you think.  Often it’s our loved ones who have supported us the most – through child-care, emotional or financial support, or carrying the load of other things to free our time.


Understanding and compassion

Sometimes when we shift, we are aware of the changes, and how we were prior to the work. But oftentimes, our new state becomes our new normal, and we forget what or experience as life before this.  It’s important to stay conscious of the changes we have made, as we consider our loved ones.

If we’ve been working with a teacher or practitioner, then we are mentored and held through this process.  Or partner, friends and family members don’t always have that same support.  What’s needed here is understanding, patience and love.  Now it’s time to hold the space for our loved ones, not as a practitioner, of course, but as a lover, friend and partner. This is love in action.

Seeing with fresh eyes

So often we get into patterns of relating with the people in our lives that don’t always reflect our best selves.  As we change we can start to look outward in blame. We might experience ourselves freshly, but they haven’t quite made the change.

What if we could allow each other to be different in each moment?  To allow ourselves to meet all in our lives with fresh eyes and heart?  What if we see each other with free hearts? What would be possible then?




Life is an ongoing practice of forgiveness – of our partners and loved ones, and forgiveness of ourselves. We’ve all done the above; we may well continue to do so. Let’s just pick ourselves up, forgive ourselves and each other, and keep walking.

Love in action is not always easy; but it’s worth it.

The Wild Feminine in Relationship

A three session relationship journey, for women who want to deepen their relationship with themselves and with others.

  • Learn to clear and free the space up for yourself within relationships
  • Learn to nourish your own heart so that you come to your relationships full and free
  • Clear old patterns of relating, from childhood, and brought down through the generations
  • Find the space for new possibilities, more love and understanding

The sessions will consist of energy work, plus a journey to access your wild heart wisdom.

This is a new program which will be offered on an ongoing basis soon, and will be priced at $450 at least.  For the next 3 weeks, I’m offering this as an introductory offer, for $350. 

*note* to do this program in person in Hobart, I suggest you contact me as soon as you can, so that we can complete in person, before my move to Sydney.  It’s also available via distance.

To find out more or to sign up contact me here.  We can have a chat to find out whether it’s for you and answer any questions you might have. If you know you;re ready to get started, send me a message and we’ll get started.

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