You are invited to this series of three gatherings for non-indigenous people to explore how we might come into right relationship with indigenous people and the land, in the context of racism, injustice, oppression, environmental harm and climate change.

There will be a particular but not exclusive focus on Australia, as this is where my experience lies. I welcome people of all places, cultures and genders, and welcome learning more about your lives and the land of your home.

When we come together with other non-indigenous people first, in order to do the work that only we can do, we spare Indigenous people further harm.   When we then meet together with Indigenous people, we come with more awareness and with the possibility of true listening.

This will be a small group with a maximum of 10 participants.


Tuesday evenings 7pm – 8.15/8.30, Sydney, Australia time.
June 23th, June 30th, 7th July

Course fee

This series of three is offered on a sliding scale
Course fee A $90
Sliding scale rate a : $60
Sliding scale rate b: $45


The context and invitation

In the context of racism and privilege, the destruction of sacred sites, of forest and ecosystems, injustice, inter-generational trauma and poverty, we’ll be looking at questions of

– Land, culture and the hunger to belong

– Heritage and how we or our ancestors came to this country, and what they were leaving behind

– Grief, in it’s many forms and how we honour it

– Our ability to face difficult truths, in our history and in ourselves

– Our capacity to be present and hear others pain, and our ability to turn away

– Beauty, connection and listening for wisdom, even in the silences

–  Restoration, making amends and healing

My intention is for this to be a safe space to bring yourself as you are now, your questions, uncertainties, your care, your grief, rage and your love.

Who is this for?

For people of all genders who want to come into right relationship with indigenous people and the land

  • Perhaps you have been engaged in many ways in your life and would like to deepen your connection, reserves and commitment
  • It might be that you have had little engagement with Indigenous people and would like to do so, but don’t know where or how to start
  • You are disturbed by the injustices and inequity you see in Australia
  • You might be in a state of confusion at the cultural messages you receive and want to learn
  • Perhaps you are tired and burnt out, having spent years working in this field
  • Above anything, you know that change starts with you 

These circles will be a place to share, to drop deeper into enquiry around these complex areas, and to grieve.

This will be a safe space to examine our part in all of this, and to invite awareness on those ways we contribute to harm which may be invisible to us. It takes courage and sincerity and bucket loads of self-compassion to face these aspects of ourselves, imbibed from our cultures.

How can we deepen our capacity to face ourselves and our heritage?  What does love and humility look like, in action?  And ultimately, how do we do better?

 I found each circle a great blessing and found my heart uplifted each time I attended. Lure has a gift for holding space; for allowing grief but also helping us find our way back to joy. I found the space supportive, safe, and enlivening.
Participant, Climate Heart Circles

What happens in the gatherings?

We gather together on a Zoom call. (Instructions will be sent if you are new to this. It is very easy to download and use.)

Each session will start with a guided connection practice. We’ll then have prompts through poems or teachings to consider, with sharing circles as we go, with another connection practice to close.

In order to create a safe container for this work and to live some of the above questions, we will follow a circle approach when sharing. This means speaking into the circle, deep listening to each other, without responding immediately (no cross-talk), and speaking from the heart. This in itself can be an undoing for some, and also open up new ways of being. It can mean speaking less for some, and speaking more for others. Everyone is invited to speak, but you are welcome to choose silence instead.

Why these circles?

These gatherings are a first step in what I hope and plan to be a series of programs, to guide us back into connection, to a grounding in our being, to relationship, and to stand with indigenous people in caring for country, and for a more just and respectful world.

They are also a first step in examining how we might engage with Indigenous people and communities in a way that is respectful and kind. Usually this requires a period of undoing for those of us who are from the dominant culture. It means undoing from any sense of entitlement and from unconscious grasping and arrogance.  It involves awareness that how we perceive the world and our place in it is just one way of doing so.

When we as non-indigenous people do this work together first, before coming together with Indigenous people, the intention is to spare Indigenous people further harm.  This helps to open a space for meeting and true listening to take place.

Course fee

This series of three is offered on a sliding scale

Course fee A $90

Sliding scale rate a : $60

Sliding scale rate b: $45

Pay it forward rate: A$120 to support others to access this work

If cost is still a barrier, please contact me; no-one will be turned away for lack of funds. Payment plans also available.

Any questions? Contact Lure at 

About Lure

I pay my respects to the traditional owners of this country, and acknowledge the Elders, past, present and emerging.

I live near the ocean on Gumbaynggirr country in New South Wales, Australia.  

I was born on Dhungutti country, in a town with a large Aboriginal population.  I’ve since lived and worked in Aboriginal communities in Central Australia, The Kimberley, and in the south of Western Australia, as a visitor, wilderness guide, and teacher.  I’m deeply grateful for the kindness, generosity and welcome I have received from Aboriginal people along the way.

In this journey I’ve had to practise being comfortable with discomfort as I faced the unravelling of the many layers of inherited racism and biases within me – a lifelong process.  I have a deep love of this land, and am committed to assisting others to weave back ways of connection, to listening, and honouring, and helping us find a way to heal from the harms of the past 200 plus years.

My intention with these circles is to open the conversation around this, in a way that is safe, kind and honest.