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Cultivating love and resilience in a time of climate crisis

A series on finding a space for love and clarity amongst the panic, anxiety and overwhelm of the climate crisis.

For those who’ve faced the truth of the climate crisis, and are struggling with all the emotions and challenges of that truth.

We gather in circle to …

– Speak our truth about the climate crisis 

– Honour our pain for the world: our grief, our anger, our despair, our overwhelm

– Reconnect and remember what we love

We’re living in an extraordinary time in history. Our beloved forests are being destroyed, waterways polluted or drying up, and lives threatened.

How do we make sense of this destruction?  How do we grieve for all that is already lost? These world-sized emotions can be almost too big to feel by ourselves.  We’re facing something unprecedented and we need new ways to respond.

In these circles we come together to reconnect

We come to speak our truth about what is happening, when there are so many people who still don’t want to to hear.  

There is a sense of urgency and yet with so much confusion and panic around, it can be hard to know what to do. 

By speaking our truth and sharing our feelings – by being heard, and acknowledged – then a new space can open up.

What’s needed now is nothing less than a whole new relationship with life, and love, and to the wisdom of new and remembered ways.

How does it work?

There will be a limit of 12 people for each circle. 

We join via video call on Zoom an online platform, which is easy to set up. You’ll need about 10 minutes to set this up the first time. You’ll be sent a link to this via an email each week. This will include all information for what you need to bring to each call. 

This is a space for connection, for speaking of our experience regarding the climate crisis, and for nourishing our hearts.

*This is not a space for climate sceptics or those wanting to discuss strategy.*

Will you join us?

Any questions?
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