Sometimes it can be hard to stay connected with our hearts and our wisdom when we are caught up in the demands of our work and life.  Yet it is only through connecting with and being centered in our hearts that we can make wise decisions and grow sustainably and in a direction that will be perfect for us.

Nourishing your heart 

The first step  is about letting go of all your activity for a little while and coming back to your heart.  It’s about coming into a space of connection and sanctuary, where you can be nourished and restored.  It is when we stop and clear from all that is going on around us and all of our busyness, that our heart can be nourished and we can reconnect with our wisdom and knowing,

Clarity and flying like an arrow to the source of it.

The next step is about seeing clearly what is going on for you, at all levels.  Chances are you already know about how you are going physically and emotionally, at least on the surface. But what is really going on in your heart, beneath and beyond all of that?  What is your heart longing to express?

Reconnection and coming home to source

This is where the shifts take place.  It’s where your heart shines through beyond any perceived separation.  It’s where the blocks dissolve and your heart remembers its true nature.  It’s where joy and love and compassion take hold in your heart.

Grounding in our daily life

Through practices, and recorded meditations to guide you, you then are able to bring the new awareness and state of being, into your daily life. It is through these shifts in the practical aspects of life, that the real changes appear.

I was incredibly impressed and transformed by Lure’s insights and energy work.  She very quickly saw into the root cause of what’s getting in my way, I was amazed to feel the energy began to shift immediately. Her ability to perceive the patterns going on inside me was profound, leading to many valuable insights that helped to untangle the (energetic) knots within me.
Lure has a gift for holding space for transformation that left me feeling safe, nourished and gently transformed throughout our work together. I highly recommend her services to anyone desiring transformation of the blocks that are holding them back from living the life of their dreams.

Kathy McNamara, Live Peace Today

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