You have a few options for working with me. Most people will start by having a conversation with me to see what would suit you. You then start with me on a individual program, such as the Wild Heart Program or Shining Bright.  That way you are supported through your journey over time, we can go deeper, and you have the chance to integrate your shifts into your life as you go. I also offer Restore and Renew individual sessions.

The Wild Heart Program

A six-weekly program to reclaim your wild heart through the journey through the elements and wild landscapes. This is for women who want to free their voice and hearts, especially those who feel held back by unresolved personal issues, relationship conflicts and for women who want to find a sense of purpose and direction in their lives.

Read more about the Wild Heart Program here.

Shining Bright Program

This is a customized program for women who want to shine brightly and share their gifts with the world.

Read about the six-week individual  Shining Bright Program here

Restore and Renew Sessions

Read about the sessions here  Restore and Renew sessions

Want to get started?

The first step is to have a conversation with me, so that you can ask any questions and find out what would be best program for you. This free session can take place on the phone or in person. Allow 30 minutes for this. You’ll learn a bit more about my work.

Contact me on 0061 458 910 469



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