Tuesday evenings 7pm – 8.15, Sydney, Australia time
June 23th, June 30th, 7th July

Circles of Belonging (series of 3) A$90

Circles of Belonging Sliding Scale (series of 3) A$75

Circles of Belonging Sliding Scale (series of 3) A$60

Circle of Belonging, Pay it forward (series of 3) A$120

About the payments

The course fee is $90 Australian (about 60 in US$).  If that is hard for you, please choose one of the sliding scale rates. If you are someone who tends to give more than they can afford, please don’t do that.  You are welcome, at whatever you can pay.

If you have the capacity to pay extra to support scholarship places that is most welcome. There are a number of costs in offering this work, and my prayer is that this work is developed to reach many more people. Please support as you can.

Payment plans available. If cost is still an issue, please contact me and we’ll work it out.