The Shining Bright Program is a customized, individual program for women who want to be your brightest, most radiant self, and make the difference you want to make in the world.

So often we have big dream, an intuition of how life can be and what we want to share, but the reality can be different.  Sometimes it is personal issues that you are struggling with, such as challenging relationships, old patterns that are holding you in places, or difficulties at work.

At the same time there are questions about how we move through a world that does not always honour the feminine.  The broader context matters, as well as the personal, and so we need to find ways to sustain ourselves, build strength and resilience and learn how to nourish our hearts as we do so. In this way, you can be more visible in your work, take more bold and brave actions, and to be the best version of yourself.

Some of the goals of previous clients in the Shining Bright Program:

  • To move forward in their creative business, recover their creative spark and step forward in the world.  This might involve the healing of the feminine, in the personal, as well as how that is expressed through the world of business.  Our inner is reflected in the outer. As we shift within ourselves, and find new ways to move in a way that is aligned with or feminine selves, everything can start to flow.
  • To resolve old family issues, and find forgiveness with parents and loved ones. to move forward from a place of clarity, energy and peace, feeling free to make decisions that are based on a free heart and embodied wisdom. To start enjoying life again, feeling connected, vibrant and alive!
  • To complete a website, feeling aligned, energized, supported and focused as they share their gifts with the world. This might involve working through fear, stepping into courage and take strong and bold actions as you do so,

The Details of the Program

Shining Bright
Program length6 weeks
Individual sessions 4 x 75 minutes
Guided meditations mp3 1
Email check-ins between sessions.Yes
Single payment optionOne payment of $480
Payment plan 2 payments of $240 or by arrangement

Ready to get started?

Please contact Lure to arrange a video or phone conversation to find out whether this program is for you. There is no obligation. It is free and whether you continue to work with me or not, my aim is that you will leave with greater clarity about what you do need, and some resources to help you get there.

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