I have read some wonderful books in recent months: When Women Rise Up Rooted, by Sharon Blackie,  Reclaiming the Wild Soul, by Mary Thompson Reynolds, and Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert.

One thing that jumped out at me was that they each posed the  question … What if the earth also loved you?


So often when we love the natural world, we can get caught up in the struggle. The knowledge of what is has been lost or damaged; the wanting to find solutions.

Of course we want to find solutions.

But sometimes this can carry a great burden, as we take it as a personal responsibility.  What if there is another way to be with this, and to take our part?

A way founded on our interconnection with the natural world.

We can let go, we can dance more and play more. We are restored as we work to restore. We move from love.

There are people who say we only need to love. But love is a verb. When we are in connection, then it is natural to also act; to find the expression of that love.

It might be environmental activism, gardening, healing, teaching or art. Whatever it is, it will come from connection and feel alive and free, even when challenging.



What if we let the earth assist us?

We can ask the earth, the trees and mountains and the water for guidance.

Guidance from your deepest true heart,  from the interconnection of the world;  the world where your own true nature and the natural world are deeply, naturally, intrinsically connected.

I invite you to try this this week. To take your question or issue and offer it to the water, the trees, the mountains or the springs and let the answer come to you.  I’d love to hear how you go.

What is your relationship to the natural world?

Do you speak to the trees, the mountains, the lakes or the earth? Please share with us below.

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One of my greatest joys is hearing about the changes women are going through as they work with me.  Mauria has recently started the Wild Heart Program and wrote to me after her first week, the Woman of Fire. She has written this beautiful poem, the first, she told me, in many years.

There is a fire in your heart said the wise old woman

the fire is gone I replied, and looked away
here is the fire, said the wise old woman

as her hand reached down inside of me
take it, said the wise old woman, it is yours once again
and I looked, as the fire burned bright in her outstretched hand

there is a fire in my heart, I said to the wise old woman
and now it burns …

Mauria Cover-Sutherland

Find out more about the Wild Heart program here.

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Sometimes when working with others, we don’t get to see the full outcomes of our work together. In many cases, the outcomes flow on for years afterwards, even through generations.  This is one of the reasons why pricing for transformational work is not transactional, but about resonance.

I was touched to receive a final check-in from Holly, who has just finished my new Wild Heart Program.  Before I post her words, I want to acknowledge this other side of the partnership in transformational work – the work of the client.

It takes great courage

It takes great courage and trust to be willing to not only experience your innermost feelings, desires and emotions, but to share them with someone else.  To be vulnerable in this way is ultimately an act of courage and love.  The effects can ripple out through families, communities, and beyond.

To be willing to face yourself, your pain, your longing, and the truest desires of your heart, is the work of a spiritual warrior.

You need to allow yourself to get messy, to unravel if need be, and to let go of what is no longer serving to make way for the new. It means taking responsibility for what arises in that process.

Above all it means choosing courage and love, over and over.

I want to honour all people who undertake this journey, wherever you may be, and however you do this. I especially want to acknowledge my clients, who have joined me in this journey.  It is an honour to work with you.

Introducing Holly …


I found the Wild Heart Program while searching for an alternative method of help after I started to feel disillusioned by the mainstream conventional therapies involving psychologists and medication.

I came across Lure’s work and was intrigued so I reached out and was instantly met with Lure’s kind hearted compassion a genuine eagerness to work with me. I was having difficulties overcoming feelings of anxiety and depression and moving on from a toxic relationship and I was also experiencing a heavy sense of unworthiness.

I wanted help finding direction and purpose as well as a way to cope with grief and methods to relieve my anxiety.

I had some concerns that the program wouldn’t be right for me and was skeptical that anything could help me after I’d already tried therapy with a psychologist. It felt like I was asking too much as I wanted so many different things.

However this was possible as the environment that Lure creates is warm, compassionate and loving and it made me feel at ease and comfortable enough to be able to open up and truly listen and share what I was feeling. Within six weeks I learned how to let go and open myself up towards a brighter future.

Each session was tailored to my needs and allowed me to explore my feelings, which was sometimes difficult as it can be quite scary confronting our subconscious, but during the program I constantly felt like I was sustained in a safe place of infinite love.

The changes I experienced are quite profound, and were noticed by close friends and family. I was able to take control of my anxiety and instead of letting it hinder my life, I was able to start doing the things I truly wanted to such as going out with friends, joining new social groups and stepping up into my roles at work. I also became more focused on the present and my future as opposed to dwelling on the past.

I can’t recommend this program enough. Lure has such a beautiful personality and working with her is a pleasure. It is a structured program with flexibility to accommodate individual needs and it really gives you enough space to work and grow at your own pace. There is never any pressure and no right or wrong.

I am so thankful I found Lure and worked through the Wild Heart Program. I really, truly believe that everybody can take something out of it and start living a much happier life. The highlight of the program is definitely being able to reflect on the first session and realising just how far I have come in such a short space of time. I feel loved, beautiful, strong and powerful and I am now able to put myself out into the world with a head held high.

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