I feel so focused on my forward movement and excited about where I can take my artwork into the world to share it in a way that is transformative, healing and inspirational and opening to love and enlightenment.

You have helped me so much to get back on track with my true goals and to most importantly be in touch with my heart and coming from my heart in the way I do business and create art. I am truly grateful to you for the work we have entered into together. The creating of business connected with the divine is a paradigm that is rare in my world of art and business so you hold the light for me each day through my meditations and assist in my clearing to bring my being to the divine through my heart.

Working one to one with you and having personal sessions and an individually created program tailored to my needs as they arise has been the greatest gift. The work you offer to the world is beyond anything that I have experienced in helping my heart to open to my true passion and follow the path of the work that I am here to create in the world. Awakening to the pure vision of who I am and how I can offer my work in the world is within my heart now and I look forward to continued guidance and work with your programs as I know that it is assisting me greatly to be ….all that I can be….

Rosanne Bender, Visionary Artist, Tasmania,  Shining Bright

When I workedrose with Lure I was getting ready to re-launch my Language of Light business. I told Lure that even though I was making great progress with all of the things I needed to do, I felt I was being way too serious and heavy and probably a bit scared. So, for my healing session, I asked to have more lightness around my work. Well, after a beautiful and powerful session with Lure, days later not only did I notice how I had lightened up around my business, which made me much more efficient and creative, I ALSO noticed that I was lighter in all aspects of my life! What a bonus!! Certainly some hidden block to my joy and happiness got dissolved during that healing session!! Needless to say, I think Lure’s work is very powerful, and I would recommend it for those who feel they are stuck in some aspect of their life.

 Rose Schneider, www.roseschneider.com


Thank you for the great energy healing! I had experienced heaviness, a block, before the session and wanted some assistance in being able to feel/experience more self-acceptance and peace in my new role. Your energy work is subtle but deep and soothing. I felt energies moving and shifting in the session, an enveloping sense of peace and well-being and physically my body was able to release energies it had been holding on to. The session helped me let go of blocks as well as step more fully into the new way of being every day that is helping me build my business. I really appreciate your work, and look forward to our next session.

Delia Yeager, www.deliayeager.net 


Because I had never before experienced a session like the one I had with Lure, I was curious and uncertain as to what would happen during, and after, our session. When we began, my awareness was brought to the fact that she was in Australia and I, in New York. Suddenly, that physical distance disappeared, and I felt the flow of energy in the universe that defies time and space. During the session, I felt an overwhelming sense of trust and calm reassurance. In talking with Lure following our session, I knew that her energy was there with me, and mine with her. She shared reflections with me that helped me release what I had been holding on to for too long. A weight had been lifted. This experience was incredibly cleansing for me, and will not only allow me to live my own life’s purpose more fully and honestly, but it will allow me to be more fully present for my clients. Lure’s recommendation to connect with and make tangible a physical representation of this reminder added a dimension of ongoing connectedness to our session. I am grateful for the valuable work that Lure is doing!

Shena Driscoll Salvato, M.S.Ed. www.livemypassionnow.com


I was incredibly impressed and transformed by Lure’s insights and energy work. She very quickly saw into the root cause of what’s getting in my way, I was amazed to feel the energy began to shift immediately. Her ability to perceive the patterns going on inside me was profound, leading to many valuable insights that helped to untangle the (energetic) knots within me. Lure has a gift for holding space for transformation that left me feeling safe, nourished and gently transformed throughout our work together. I highly recommend her services to anyone desiring transformation of the blocks that are holding them from living the life of their dreams.

Kathy McNamara, www.LiberateYourLifeToday.com


My experience of Lure’s work was that I felt unconditionally loved, safe, and nurtured. I came away with a profound insight of the falseness of a long held belief which I could now easily let go of. It has shifted me into being more loving and real in my business which has resulted in greater ease in  my relationships with my clients and prospects, making me more able to help  them. I deeply appreciate the spiritual depth and purity of her work. I came away feeling truly blessed.

Rita Massey, Health Educator

aga I had a session with Lure driven by a curiosity about how a remote energy work may look like. I had never met before anyone who would do it successfully. Within the same physical space yes, I had a lot of experience with various kinds of energy work, but never a distant session. Being an introvert I often feel a kind of tension before the first contact, so I was really conscious of my state of comfort before our call. We had a well defined intention for the session and right from the beginning of it I knew that it was real work being done, no false promises. I knew it, not because of my beliefs, or positive attitude or whatever a mind may produce, but because my body was spontaneously and strongly responding in a manner typical to an intensive energy practice. As a result I got a physical transformation – the tension from my belly was released, an effect I hadn’t expected, but it was deeply connected with my intention for the session. I experienced it as a closure of a big cycle in my life, kind of a final clearing at an energetic level. I needed it to get a missing 1% of my self confidence, that I have a full internal right to run my Forgiving Tree program – the 1% which at that moment I thought of as  my “to be or not to be” with regards to my work.  The empty space I experienced at the end of a session is now ready for an emergence of something new in my life. I am so curious what it will be. Thank you so much Lure, I wish to know how you do that…

Aga Wiklo, www.ForgivingTree.com