Are you longing for more connection, aliveness and purpose in your life and work?

You have a great love of wild places and care deeply about the earth. Yet you feel held back. You know what it feels like to live vibrantly, freely and with passion.

Yet in the knocks and spills of life, you may have lost touch with this. Anxiety, self-doubt or fear can really stop you in your tracks.  It’s no fun second guessing yourself all the time.  Maybe a painful relationship, family issues, or work-related difficulties are still affecting you.

You long to find that spark and joy again in life, where magic and mystery exist along-side your every day life.

Whether it’s your own business, or a project that calls to your spirit, it’s time for you to really get moving and share these gifts of life.


It’s time for you to live fully, create vibrantly and express yourself joyfully

I’ve created this program to help you to:

  • Connect to your embodied wisdom and to the wisdom of the natural world
  • Free your creativity and expression
  • Reclaim inner peace and find freedom in your heart
  • Resolve painful emotional issues, reduce anxiety, and move forward in wholeness
  • Find ways forward that are aligned with your heart

In the Wild Heart Individual Program

You learn to connect with the source of love and the nourishment of wild places. These wild places reflect the wild places in your own heart, and help you reclaim your wholeness.

So often we as women live in cultures not aligned with our feminine wisdom and ways of knowing. The adoration of logic and intellect over embodied wisdom and knowing, and formal education over deep instinctual knowing, can leave us feeling disjointed and out of place.

To truly step forward in our full power and creativity as women, we need to reclaim and listen to our embodied wisdom and ways of being.

In the program, you journey to meet your wise woman; you learn to access wisdom from your own wild soul.  Using journeys, energy work and other tools from my kitbag, i assist you to:

  • Nourish your heart
  • Access wisdom of your wild soul
  • Free your voice and intuitive knowing
  • Heal from past wounds and resolve painful relationships
  • Connect with your gifts, your sense of purpose, and become more visible

Cradle forest

My experience of Lure’s work was that I felt unconditionally loved, safe, and nurtured. I came away with a profound insight of the falseness of a long held belief which I could now easily let go of. It has shifted me into being more loving and real in my business which has resulted in greater ease in  my relationships with my clients and prospects, making me more able to help  them. I deeply appreciate the spiritual depth and purity of her work. I came away feeling truly blessed.”

Rita Massey, Health Educator,  Hawaii, Shining Bright session

How can Lure support me through this program?

I’ve been working with women for over 20 years, and have assisted many to heal from past hurts, come out of hiding, deepen their connection with source and with the natural world, and find their place of belonging and service.

I’m passionate about assisting women to step forward in their radiance, and take their place in the world.  Then the whole world shifts. And the earth itself is lifted, as our relationship with the earth is intrinsically linked to our relationship with our divine feminine nature.

Having a background in energy work, breath-work, adult education and wilderness guiding, I now bring all of this together in my work with women.

I’ve a deep love of wild places, and worked for years as a wilderness guide. These wild places of earth reflect the wild spaces in each woman’s heart, where her unique wisdom awakens to guide and nourish her own life. This awakening is my joy.


A case study from Holly, who completed the Wild Heart Program

“I feel loved, beautiful, strong and powerful and I am now able to put myself out into the world with a head held high.”

HollyI found the Wild Heart Program while searching for an alternative method of help after I started to feel disillusioned by the mainstream conventional therapies involving psychologists and medication.

I came across Lure’s work and was intrigued so I reached out and was instantly met with Lure’s kind-hearted compassion a genuine eagerness to work with me. I was having difficulties overcoming feelings of anxiety and depression, and moving on from a toxic relationship.  I was also experiencing a heavy sense of unworthiness.

I wanted help finding direction and purpose as well as a way to cope with grief and methods to relieve my anxiety.

I had some concerns that the program wouldn’t be right for me and was skeptical that anything could help me after I’d already tried therapy with a psychologist.

It felt like I was asking too much as I wanted so many different things.

However this was possible as the environment that Lure creates is warm, compassionate and loving,  and it made me feel at ease and comfortable enough to be able to open up and truly listen and share what I was feeling. Within six weeks I learned how to let go and open myself up towards a brighter future.

Each session was tailored to my needs and allowed me to explore my feelings, which was sometimes difficult as it can be quite scary confronting our subconscious, but during the program I constantly felt like I was sustained in a safe place of infinite love.

The changes I experienced are quite profound, and were noticed by close friends and family.

I was able to take control of my anxiety and instead of letting it hinder my life, I was able to start doing the things I truly wanted to, such as going out with friends, joining new social groups and stepping up into my roles at work. I also became more focused on the present and my future as opposed to dwelling on the past.

I can’t recommend this program enough. Lure has such a beautiful personality and working with her is a pleasure. It is a structured program with flexibility to accommodate individual needs and it really gives you enough space to work and grow at your own pace. There is never any pressure and no right or wrong.

I am so thankful I found Lure and worked through the Wild Heart Program. I really, truly believe that everybody can take something out of it and start living a much happier life. The highlight of the program is definitely being able to reflect on the first session and realising just how far I have come in such a short space of time. I feel loved, beautiful, strong and powerful and I am now able to put myself out into the world with a head held high.

Holly Watson, Tasmania

The Individual sessions

The individual sessions take place via video calls, or in person.  They are tailored to your needs, visions, and dreams.  We start by looking at where you are now, and where you want to be. More importantly, how you want to be as you do this. These sessions are private and confidential. To do these you will need a quiet space where you will be uninterrupted for the duration of your session.

In each session you will journey to an element and associated landscape. These are inner journeys to reconnect with the gifts and wisdom of these landscapes, and to meet various versions of your wise woman.  Throughout the week, you then bring this back to your own life and natural surroundings, in order to ground and reconnect there.

The Wild Heart Course

The Wild Heart Program is a six or twelve – week individual program for women. During this time you cycle through aspects of the feminine and nature as a guide for your journey, spending one or two weeks with each focus.

fire-circleWeek 1 Woman of Fire

Where we are now and where we want to go. Getting your bearings, planning the journey and getting clear on what you want.

The woman of fire is about purification, and letting go of what no longer serves.  It is about the fire of alchemy. It is the sun, the desert and the process of coming back to essentials.

sky-circleWeek 2 Woman of Air

The element of air Is about the breath and receiving and letting go. It’s about our thoughts and vision. It is about the mountains, the sky.  It is about clarity and speed.


Week 3 Woman of Waterwaterfallcircle

Water connects to our emotional depths and the flow of life.  It is about abundance and capacity, it’s about emotional intensity and cleansing. It is about wells, lakes and ocean, and shifting forms.


earth-forestWeek 4 Woman of Earth

Is about grounding your vision and any shifts you have made. It is about protection, nourishment and support. It is forests, mountains and open country.

Week 5 Woman of Spirit

The woman of spirit is about connecting to your heart and the essence of all things.  It is about bringing it all together.  It is alchemy and transformation.  It is the sky, it is water, it is fire and earth.

heart-blossomWeek 6 Woman of Wholeness

This is where we bring it all together, take stock of where we have travelled, and look at where we are now. This is where it all comes together in wholeness and from there, share in our lives and work.

I felt as though I was being anointed. A feeling of renewal, right through my bones. So beautiful. I felt reborn, as my true self. I feel so blessed.

Elizabeth, Intuitive Body Worker, Restore and Renew


The program consist of:

  • 6 x 90 minute sessions
  • 6 x recordings of your journeys
  • Email check-ins between sessions
  • 1 x recorded audio meditations mp3

Cost for the program

US $780

Payable in one payment or in 3 payments of US$260 or by arrangement

Local currency applies for Australia residents.

Want to get started or find out more?

To get started contact me and we’ll sort out a time to talk. During this call, you can ask any questions you might have, and we can sort out the other details, including payment.

Any questions?

You can message me below or book in for a conversation with me, so that you can see whether this is for you.  Contact me at